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Vortex Fluid Purifier Series--products introduction

Vortex fluid purifier has advantages of centrifuge and of the cyclone, the separation of purification results is up to the effects of low-speed centrifuges, sludge discharge with low water content, less fluid loss, continuous operating and purifying, simple structure, less maintenance ; In addition, the technology include: stable and reliable purifying effect cycle of sewage, low-cost equipment. At present, this technology has surpassed the same technology at home and abroad.

This technology can be widely used in metallurgy, machinery, petroleum, chemical industry, production and environmental protection industries. This equipment can fully substitute the traditional one, the secondary sedimentation tank in industrial waste water treatment system and greatly reduce the area to reduce water consumption. This device can separate 90% in size of or more than 15-micron solid particles from fluid satisfying technological requirements of industrial spray, cooling, cleaning system, an alternative to expensive, complex automatic filter. In the field of deep purification, this device can be used as front-end pre-processing for centrifuge or filter press and membrane filter, can save a lot of investment in equipment and operating and maintenance costs, and market price is Lower than automatic filter, centrifuge, as well as 1 / 3 price of similar imported products, and even better results in their market prospects.

This technology has supplied an advanced and efficient, stable, reliable and low-cost, low input, low-maintenance applications in industrial wastewater treatment system, the application of this technology will promote the economic and social benefits to a win-win situation.


Feirui brand vortex fluid purifier based on the theory of centrifugal separation use for separating precipitation in liquid. The Unique internal accelerated motion produce high-speed rotating vortex, which efficiently separate the solid impurities in liquid.

A detachable 3m to 9mm solid particles greater than the proportion of liquid is expected. In the low-precision separation system, the effect of separation for 74m level solids can reach more than 95%; in the high-precision separation systems, 40m level solids is up to 98% of the separation effect.
800 Series stand-alone capacity of 120m3 / hr is capable to deal with suspended solids content of up to 30000mg/L of water to meet a variety of adverse circumstances under water treatment requirements.
Large flow series can increase stand-alone capacity to 1200 m3 / hr, and to ensure that the favorable treatment effect with low pressure loss, and unified in-out of discharging holes facilitate the realization of industrial sewage automation.
Vortex Fluid Purifier Series--products advantages
  • Feirui vortex fluid purifier filters do not need filter net, filter plate, so it neither happen blocking like net filters and pan filters nor change filter bags at regular time like bag filters. filtering separation is endless in a row.

  • Sewage discharging without repeated flushing , save sewage water, and there is no water flow loss.
  • In the process of separation and purification, There is no movement of equipment, nor wear and tear of mechanical movement
  • No movable components , and no spare parts needed to maintain, non- maintenance, 100% maintenance-free operation. An investment, life-long benefits, once and for all.
  • Zero running cost, no need external power, no need to replace parts, 100% maintenance-free operation, to reduce energy consumption.
  • Wide range of applications: stand-alone flow is 1m3/h-1200m3/hr.
  • Allowed the largest particle access to separator: 9mm.
  • Allowed the capacity of pollution access to separator 30000mg /L.
  • The scope of work pressure: 1-16bar.
  • The maximum working temperature: 98 .
  • The separation results of the fine fibers on the surface of liquid are not well.
  • Not suitable for sludge dewatering.

  • Vortex Fluid Purifier Series--Drawing of working principle

    Comparison between Vortex fluid purifier and the traditional cyclone separator


    Traditional cyclone separator

    Vortex fluid purifier


    Rotating fluid flow produce more centrifugal force than gravity



    Tube is up, cone is down

    Internal and external tubes

    Location of entrance

    At the upper part of swirl chamber

    At the lower part of swirl chamber

    Fluid route

    Spiral move down, and return up, a free vortex and forced vortex co-exist, can not eliminate the phenomenon of short circuit

    Spiral move up in swirl chamber until the end of the separation to form simple forced vortex

    Composition of sand flash

    Sand discharging hole always open, meanwhile carrying large amounts of water, fluid loss is serious

    Constantly accumulate sand, to discharge high concentration of sediment at regular time

    Results of separation

    If flow velocity at entrance is too high that will affect the flow field inside swirl chamber, and limit separation effect improvin

    The flow filed inside swirl chamber is simple forced vortex to increase flow velocity at entrance, and improve separation effect

    Handling capacity

    Narrow diameter of swirl chamber can increase the separation effect ,but reduce the stand-alone handling capacity

    Achieve the desired effect of separation, not reduce the handling capacity


    Have to constantly adjust the flow at sand discharging hole in order to meet liquid with different solid volume

    Cyclical sand discharging, do not have to adjust flow

    Vortex Fluid Purifier Series--Simulation technology map

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