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﹛﹛Large Flow Combined Equipments Series-----products features

Large flow series is especially designed for large-scale sewage treatment system

﹛﹛When stand-alone handling capacity is more than 100m3/hr, we offer you a viable solution of large flow combined equipment in order to achieve effect of high purification and low-resistance loss.


Large flow combined vortex fluid purifiers have the following characteristics:

成Large stand-alone handling capacity: 200m3/hr-1200m3/hr;

High precision handling capacity: the rate for removing the particles in the size of 74 microns or more in liquid is up to 98%;

成Small pressure loss: can control the pressure loss within the 0.1 ~ 0.3MPa based on different large flow combined equipments

成Single entrance & exit hole: facilitate pipeline system connection and system control

Single sewage discharging hole: convenient for sediment collection and automatic slag discharge.


Large flow combined vortex purifier series ------ technology simulation map

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