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﹛﹛Vortex oil collector series 帘 帘 帘 帘 the scope of application
  • Removal oil treatment for industrial cycle water 每 operate continuously, remove the oil slick in the water, and minimize the loss of recycled water
  • Removal oil treatment for industrial and civil waste water每 concentrating oil collection on the surface of waste water to reduce pollution and protect the environment
  • Cooperative use with vortex fluid purifier- vortex fluid purifier can not get rid of fine material ,which is less gravity than fluid, can achieve effect of complete clean after the installation of vortex oil collector
﹛﹛Vortex oil collector series------Product advantages

  • Continuous operation - because of wear and tear of equipment caused by water and oil is very small, and vortex oil collector equipment has not wearing parts and supplies, so the device can be once installation, never stop.
  • Small power loss - no moving parts, all the power consumption are loss of fluid pressure, which is unmatched by heave steel band oil scraper.
  • Small area 每 the volumetric handling capacity is even a few dozen times greater than oil trap.
  • Simple and convenient installation- fix the vortex oil purifiers to the tray, and access according to right direction of entrance and exit hole to pipeline
  • Convenient operation - connect power supply (air supply) to the controller, automatically discharge oil slick
  • Satisfied results- come out clean water excluding oil (free state), overflow water-free oil, few devices can achieve this effect.

1.Can not deal with emulsified state oil-water mixture - centrifugal force can not break emulsion, and this device can only deal with oil slicks (free state) in the water
2. Have requirements for oil content in the water - if the oil content in fluid is too high, excess the handling limit of the device, there will be phenomenon of water discharging with oil, so it is proposed that do not choose this device when the oil content is more than 30%.

Vortex oil collector series-------- Drawing of working principle

﹛﹛Vortex oil collector series求求求求products table
Oil collection capacity m3/hr
Entrance & exit hole

Oil emission hole

Power KW

成 And convenient connection: place a floating oil-absorbing mouth on the surface of water, link oil-absorbing mouth and entrance hole of diaphragm pump with tube, and connect exit hole of diaphragm pump back to water pool, and then connect oil discharge outlet to waste oil tank (height <20m);
成 Single power supply: give power to controller, connect power supply (air supply) of diaphragm to control switch (control switch prepared by users);
成 Continuous operation: connect diaphragm pump to the power (gas supply), floating oil collector can run non-stop;
成 Auto oil drain : water level controller detects oil capacity inside collector, and automatically open oil valve when need to oil drain
成 Simple and convenient technology: no need to install another oil pump, we can achieve oil drain at height of 20m, so that the waste oil tank is installed more arbitrarily.
成 Satisfied results: oil drain is almost water-free (non emulsifying water), convenient for direct recovery.

﹛﹛Vortex oil collector series-----technology Simulation map

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